Operation Open Wide 2018—Partnership with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

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This summer, we are partnering with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon for our annual event, Operation Open Wide. This event helps military veterans in the Twin Cities area get the dental care they need, at no cost to them.
We created this event in 2015 to address the substantial and growing need for dental care among veterans. Many veterans don’t qualify for dental care after being discharged from the military, and as a result, their oral health can sometimes go unchecked for years. I’m passionate about giving veterans in the Hopkins and Twin Cities communities the opportunity to restore their dental health.
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is a Minnesota-based volunteer program that supports military service members and their families, both past and present. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is made up of separate committees, comprised of diverse groups of citizens and community leaders. These volunteers are dedicated to helping our military men and women and their families through community support, training, services, and resources.
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, American Legions in the area, and the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs work together to identify veterans in need of dental procedures. Operation Open Wide provides free dental cleanings, exams, and treatments to veterans in need of dental care.
During the event, my staff and I provide everything from quick and simple fillings to extractions and full sets of dentures. Addressing veterans’ oral health issues improves their overall health, quality of life, confidence, and chances of securing long-term employment. Our veterans need support from the community, and I am proud to help in the best way I can, by devoting this event to providing the dental procedures they need.
This will be the 4th Annual Operation Open Wide event. Over the last three years, we’ve provided over a hundred thousand dollars in dental services for veterans. This event grows each year, and we hope to partner with more dentists in the future to be able to serve more veterans around Minnesota and across the United States.
This year’s event will take place in June and July. Operation Open Wide will serve approximately sixteen veterans in need of dental treatment. The initial examination will be about forty-five minutes long and take place on June 12th, and the recommended dental treatments will be completed on July 2nd.
If you’re a dentist interested in participating in Operation Open Wide please contact my office at 952-935-5599 for more information.
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