Based on your answers, you are probably living with severe dental phobia, a debilitating fear that keeps you from seeking the oral health treatment you need. This is likely to impact your smile and your happiness, not to mention your overall health. And – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Dental phobia is a serious and legitimate condition that affects millions of people around in the world. The good news is, fear of the dentist is also a manageable condition that can be mitigated by a fear-free dental professional who puts your needs first, offering you everything you need to be able to comfortably visit the dentist.
Helping you get comfortable should inlcude the option for sedation dentistry. Much like the experience of getting your tonsils removed, with sedation dentistry, you can “sleep” through an appointment under anesthesia, supervised by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who will make sure you have little-to-no memory of your appointment. Your dentist should ask what you want, and what you need, to be as comfortable as possible—and then help you get it.
A major reason many people fear the dentist office are the sights, sounds, and tastes experienced there. If these elements often get the best of you, try these tips from my book Fear-Free Dental Care: Finding a Dentist You Can Love:

  1. If you’re sensitive to sights:
    Keep your eyes closed or ask your dentist for a sleep mask or DVD glasses.
  1. If you’re sensitive to sounds:
    Wear headphones and listen to music or watch a movie.
  1. If you’re sensitive to tastes:
    Ask your dentist or hygienist to rinse your mouth frequently.

Don’t let dental fear hold you back another day! Contact Dr. Scott Shamblott at Shamblott Family Dentistry to discuss your fear-free, pain-free treatment options or to schedule an appointment.

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