Dr. Shamblott’s Dental Emergency Policy is Here to Help

I’ve treated thousands of dental emergencies over the course of my career, and every case is different. Emergencies range from nearly invisible cavities to major abscesses or knocked out teeth. There is one thing that every dental emergency has in common—urgency.
When It Just Can’t Wait. Imagine you’re eating dinner with your family on a Friday night, and suddenly you bite down on something hard, and your tooth cracks. Now, you’re in a lot of pain and can no longer comfortably eat or drink. You can’t see your usual dentist because their office is closed until Monday, but you know you can’t deal with this problem on your own all weekend!
Here at Shamblott Family Dentistry, we know that oral health issues happen all the time, not just during regular business hours. When you’re faced with a dental emergency, you need help and relief as soon as possible! Please don’t delay your treatment and suffer any longer than you have to. We want to help you get out of pain fast!
Our Emergency Policy. We do our best to schedule same-day emergency appointments. We also offer new patients free emergency exams, including free x-rays and free nitrous oxide (laughing gas) because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay to find out what’s wrong with your teeth.
But is This an Emergency? I define a dental emergency as any dental problem that requires immediate attention. Some specific examples of injuries that require same-day attention may include:

  • Broken or fractured teeth.
  • Teeth that are knocked out.
  • Teeth that have been forced out of position or loosened.
  • Deep cuts in the lips, gums, or cheeks, especially those that won’t stop bleeding.

If you don’t see your condition listed above, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is your tooth or mouth pain preventing you from concentrating?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping due to your dental pain?
  • Is your face noticeably swollen?
  • Are you having trouble breathing?

If you answer yes to one or more of these, then you are experiencing what I consider to be a dental emergency. Please, don’t suffer any longer! Call our office right away at 952-935-5599. Even if you’re not already a patient, we’ll do whatever we can to address your concerns and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
You can also take my free dental emergency quiz here to learn more!
We Love Our Patients. There’s an idea in the dental community that dental emergencies only happen to “bad” patientsthose who don’t schedule regular appointments and cleanings. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “bad” patient. I believe there are scared, uncomfortable, reluctant, or hesitant patients; and I understand their reasons for avoiding trips to the dentist. I also believe that no one deserves to suffer in pain, regardless of their dental track record. This is why I try to offer same-day emergency care for anyone!
Whether your injury occurred suddenly or crept up on you slowly, you deserve fast, friendly, fear-free relief. If you’re in pain, call us! We promise that you will receive the best possible care with absolutely no shame or embarrassment.