Dental Emergency/Toothache Patient Assessment

Is my Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Can I wait it out or should I see a dentist now?

Take our online Dental Emergency Assessment to help get the answers you need

When you experience dental pain, whether it’s a toothache, jaw pain, swelling, or a traumatic/accidental injury, you want relief, and you want it fast. But how do you know if your problem is an actual dental emergency or something that can wait for a routine dentist appointment?
Either way, you need treatment from a qualified dental professional—but don’t suffer through a painful issue that requires immediate attention because you’re unsure of your situation. Take this short quiz to determine if the pain in your mouth can wait for a while, or if it’s an actual dental emergency. Your oral health depends on it!
NOTE: If you are unable to swallow or are having difficulty breathing DO NOT take this quiz. Instead, call 911 or get to the nearest Emergency Room immediately.

Emergency Assessment - Dr. Scott Shamblott

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