Clear Out the Candy: Creative Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest, Halloween candy can hang around the house for months. These tempting treats don’t do your family any good just lurking in the pantry, so why not repurpose them as a part of your holiday gifts?
We gain new friends, coworkers, and acquaintances all the time, and it seems like the gift-giving list gets longer every year. Incorporating leftover candy is an economical and creative way to brighten someone’s holiday season! Here are some ideas for how to put those sugary sweets to work for you!
Candy Bark. Who doesn’t love getting candy bark as a gift? This fun treat is easy to make and can be topped with more chocolate, minty treats, or candy bars. For lots of candy bark inspiration check out this site.
Baked Goods, Galore! In addition to delicious bark, you can use Halloween candy in other edible goodies as well. Try baking chopped or crushed chocolates into a cake, or whip up a batch of candy cookies.
Party Mix. This is the funny-loving cousin of traditional trail mix. Add colorful candies to a trail mix or Chex mix recipe and then package in holiday baggies. Close with curling ribbon and a gift tag, and voilà! Use these as gifts for teachers or holiday party favors.
Pair with Wine. This is a cute gift for anyone who loves their wine! Pair leftover fun size chocolates and miniature bottles of wine. Maybe even consider adding some cheese to complete the experience.
Decorating Party! One of the best gifts you can give those you care about is quality time. Invite your friends over for a gingerbread house party, and use leftover Halloween candy to decorate your creations. Another option is an ice cream sundae party, which is sure to be a hit with the little ones, and candy makes for the perfect topping!
Make a Candy Wreath. You can decorate a wreath with hard candies like Jolly Ranchers or peppermints. The options for this craft are endless. All you need is a small foam wreath ring as the base, a variety of decorative candy, and ribbon to top it off! Here’s some inspiration for you!  These make great hostess gifts for any holiday party you have on the calendar.
Gifts for the Office. The best place to get rid of candy is the office. If you want to bring a treat for all your coworkers, dress your Halloween candy up in a festive bowl and let everyone dig in! Or you can create one of the ideas listed above and give them as gifts.
Operation Shoebox. Give your candy to charity! Operation Shoebox is a nonprofit group that creates care packages for troops and veterans both here and overseas. They’re always looking for candy to send around the holidays, which means your leftover candy could really brighten a soldier’s day!
Sift through that candy bowl one more time, and get to work repurposing those treats. Your teeth and your waistline will thank you, and your gifts are sure to be a hit!