Opioids & Dentistry: It’s Not the Only Option

The topic of opioid addiction has been dominating headlines in the U.S. media lately. The American opioid epidemic has been an ongoing problem in recent years and it’s continuing to get worse.   In 2012, there were 259 million prescriptions written for opioid pain pills in the U.S. That’s enough for every single adult in […]

Anxiety Reducing Foods: Ease Your Worry With These Breakfast Ideas

Going to the dentist is a breeze for some, but for others regular appointments or special procedures are an unfortunate source of stress and anxiety. No need to fret! We’ve got a couple of breakfast suggestions to fill you up and take the edge off before your next appointment.   Oatmeal Topped with Blueberries, Almonds, […]

How Significant are Dental Health Concerns for Athletes?

How Significant are Dental Health Concerns for Athletes?

Physical exercise improves almost all areas of your health—your cardiovascular system, lung capacity, mood, and so much more. One area of your health that exercise does not directly benefit is your oral health. Studies have found correlations between elite athletes and poor oral health, and how an unhealthy mouth can potentially affect an athlete’s performance. […]