How A Better Smile Makes You Happy

How A Better Smile Makes You HappyHow A Better Smile Makes You Happy

Your Smile Affects Your Mental Health!

While it may not seem obvious, there’s a direct connection between your smile and your overall happiness. Many studies have shown a definitive and dependent relationship between mental and oral health. There have also been connections made between a range of health risks and elements of dental health, and other studies still have made a correlation between a healthy smile and social success.
Dental Health, Mental Health. Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist and therefore avoid going for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, this can turn into a cyclical problem. Because of this fear, their oral health suffers, causing problems such as discoloration, tooth decay, and even missing teeth. With these problems can come even more anxiety surrounding their smile, and the attention their teeth need gets more and more daunting over time.
It’s also been found that those suffering from mental health issues have a higher risk of poor oral health. Sometimes mental health problems can make life seem confusing or scary, and when emotions are turbulent, usually the last thing you’re thinking about is regularly caring for your teeth. Those with established mental health problems are encouraged to pay special attention to their brushing and flossing habits, as well as try to eat a healthy, balanced diet.    
A Healthy Body Begins with the Mouth. Bacteria that live in the mouth have been connected to other more serious health issues. By removing bacteria on a daily basis, you prevent it from spreading out of control. If bacteria is left unchecked it can move to other organs, causing complications. Bacteria that gets into the bloodstream can lead to increased risk of heart attack or stroke, and bacteria that travels to the lungs can aggravate pre-existing respiratory issues.
Social Effects of a Healthy Smile. When you are proud of your smile, you’re gonna show it off! Those with bright, healthy smiles appear more confident, open, and self-assured. Not only does a healthy mouth make you seem more confident, but it may also help to actually build more confidence over time.
Your smile is your first impression. If you go out of your way to hide your smile, you may give a less welcoming impression than you intend. A warm smile is one of the best ways to connect with someone and can help to build lasting relationships with clients and co-workers.
As we’ve seen, a well-kept smile says a lot about your overall wellbeing. Those with strong, cared-for teeth usually appear more healthy than those with visible dental issues. A study by Kelton Research found that a majority of people find those with straight, healthy teeth to be more trustworthy than individuals with crooked teeth. A healthy smile suggests a number of positive qualities about a person, such as discipline, healthy habits, and self-worth.
When investing in your oral health, remember the countless positive effects of a healthy smile on your life as a whole. By taking care of your mouth, you’re giving attention to many areas of your life at once— your overall health, your happiness, and your goals and aspirations. With every trip to the dentist, you’re being proactive, creating a brighter future for yourself and your smile.  Now, that’s something that should have you grinning from ear to ear!