Fear-Free Dental Care: Finding a Dentist You Can Love

If you have avoided visiting the dentist for months and even years due to debilitating fear, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the world struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobia, which are legitimate conditions that can result in chronic pain and deteriorating oral health.

“There is an alternative to being afraid.” – Dr. Shamblott

In Fear-Free Dental Care, Dr. Scott Shamblott describes fear-free dentistry, a gentle, kinder, patient-centric approach to dental care. Characterized by a welcoming environment and compassionate treatment that’s free of judgment or shaming lectures, fear-free dentistry enables patients with dental phobia and anxieties to get the help they truly need, even if it’s been years since they’ve seen the dentist. Dr. Shamblott draws on decades of experience as a renowned “no-fear” dentist to empower anxious patients to understand and work through their fears so they can take charge of their dental health.
Fear-Free Dental Care is a handbook providing tried-and-true techniques for managing dental fears, from how to stay calm and develop a positive mindset, to how to physically get yourself to the door and through the door for your next dentist appointment. Dr. Shamblott also shares insight on what your fear-free treatment options are and how to choose a fear-free dental professional that will support your journey to better oral health and get you smiling again.

Help! My Tooth Hurts: Your Guide to Feeling Better Fast

If you have teeth, chances are you have experienced tooth, mouth or jaw pain or will in the future. Don’t put off seeking treatment or rely on web searches to self-diagnose your issue—make confident, well-informed decisions about your oral health with Help! My Tooth Hurts.
Dental emergency expert Dr. Scott Shamblott has taken the guesswork out of dental pain in his new book, plainly explaining:

  • How to know if you are experiencing a dental emergency
  • What to do if you are experiencing a dental emergency
  • The signs, symptoms, and causes of the most common dental pain
  • What treatments and aftercare to expect for each dental issue

Along the way, Dr. Shamblott shares proven home remedies to help ease your pain and discomfort, as well as advice on how to choose the right dentist for you and prevent dental emergencies in the first place.