Fear-free, shame-free dentistry.

Meet Scott Shamblott, DDS, FAGD, FDOCS

Widely known as the “no-fear” dentist, Dr. Scott Shamblott is a leading expert in the field of general dentistry, with a passion for providing fear-free, judgment-free dental care for people with dental phobias and anxiety. He is known for getting people out of pain, fast—often the same day you call!
Dr. Shamblott is the founder of Shamblott Family Dentistry in Hopkins, Minnesota, where he focuses on emergency care, sedation dentistry, and helping fearful patients overcome their dread of the dentist to achieve the exceptional oral health they deserve.

Millions of Americans put off getting the dental care they need, often living in chronic pain and discomfort, for fear of visiting the dentist. Whether you experience minor apprehension, anxiety, or more serious dental phobia, these are legitimate conditions that require a more sensitive approach known as “fear-free” dental care. Dr. Shamblott invites anxious patients to fight fear with knowledge in Fear-Free Dental Care: Finding a Dentist You Can Love, providing strategies for managing and moving past dental phobia based on decades of experience as an authority in fear-free dentistry.

Your tooth hurts—but is it a dental emergency requiring immediate attention, or should you just schedule a regular appointment with your dentist? Don’t live in pain unnecessarily! Help! My Tooth Hurts: Your Guide to Feeling Better Fast is an expert guide to understanding why you’re in pain, when to seek dental care for your symptoms, and what kind of treatments to expect.

Is fear holding you back
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Is your toothache
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